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Drilling for Oil

Imagine living your life without oil. There’s no oil to heat your home, no fuel to put in your car, no tires for your children’s bikes, no bandages, heart valves, stethoscopes or bedpans if you get sick. None of the millions of things we use every day that are made because of oil would be available if we were not continually drilling for oil. Smart investors looking for a place to put their money would be even smarter to invest in oil with Pogo Exploration. We will offer direct oil investing in the future, which means you don’t need a stock broker, you don’t need a middle-man who takes a commission. You can invest directly with Pogo Exploration and make profits from the industry that is continually growing exponentially.

At Pogo Exploration, we will use the latest advanced technology to find and drill oil wells, while investors build their portfolio with joint ventures we will offer in 2016. Because of the incredible profits available from drilling for oil, qualified investors have the potential for high dividends on a regular basis. And once a well is in production, it can produce profits for many years to come.

If you’re a first time investor in oil and gas, you may want to talk with the experts at Pogo Exploration to find out when they have new projects available. Working in the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico gives us a great opportunity to find new projects and help you expand your investment portfolio.

You can reach the experts at Pogo Exploration at (432) 520-1564 and discuss new projects you may find interesting. Checking with your tax advisor is also a good idea, so that you can make sure you are taking all the write-offs you can as someone who is investing in the drilling for oil. There are many tax advantages you may not be aware of, so making sure you have good advice from someone who is knowledgeable with the industry is important.


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